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Shenzhen AIVD Biotech Inc.

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About AIVD Biotech

AIVD is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a board range OEM raw materials, such as conventional antibodies and Nanobodies, antigens, enzymes, kits, uncut sheets and services for the IVD, biopharma, and academic industries.

AIVD Today:

ISO 90001

ISO Certified

3500 m lab space

3500 m2 Lab Space

60 team members

Professional Team 

Featured Products

COVID-19 Antibody

COVID-19 Antibodies

NP Antibody Pair
RBD  Antibody Pair
Positive Controls

COVID-19 Protein

COVID-19 Proteins 

Spike RBD protein

Spike S1 Protein
Nucleocapsid (NP) 

Infectious Diseases Markers

Infectious Diseases 

HBsAg mAb

 HCV Markers
HIV Markers

Alpaca VHH Nanobody

Alpaca Nanobodies

Anti-Human IgM

Spike RBD mAb
Custom Production

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Swedish luxury appartment

Antigens & Antibodies 

AIVD provides expansive range of monoclonal antibodies and purified antigens for immunoassay development. All reagents have been validated for colloidal gold lateral flow, ELISA,  FIA, CLIA platforms.

High specificity - Bulk Stock - Best Prices 

Uncut sheets & Semi-Finished Solutions

Uncut sheets are assembled panels with all the critical components of a rapid test, which have not been cut into individual strips. AIVD offers a broad range of cost-effective rapid diagnostic test uncut sheet, strips and semi-finished solutions.

Swedish luxury appartment

Molecular Diagnostics Reagents

AIVD provides a board range of high-quality reagents and kits for the PCR, qPCR, such as  Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase,  MMLV Reverse Transcriptase,  RNasin Inhibitor, various PCR, qPCR, RT-qPCR Mixes and etc


HBsAg mAb

Anti-HBV Surface Antigen Monoclonal antibody: coating and labeling antibodies for Colloidal gold lateral flow POC

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Mouse Anti-Human IgM mAb

Mouse anti-Human Immunoglobulin M Monoclonal Antibody with high specificity, can be used for colloidal gold LF, ELISA and other immunoassays.

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We offer

Nanobody Development

AIVD has set up a unique screening program for generating truly specific Nanobodies that can be used in IVD assay development. 

We offer

Custom Protein Services

AIVD offers Antibody development, Antigen / Antibody Selection and Pairing, Protein Conjugation, Expression and other Services

We offer

Assay Development 

AIVD could develop and manufacture a Customized Assay or Solution specifically for your project needs.

AIVD Lab Space

AIVD‘s laboratory is located on an area of 3500 square meters. Besides the main space, we have specialized labs for protein production and purification, molecular diagnostics lab, assay production lab, vivarium and etc.

AIVD Biotech main lab

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✔ In-House Production

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