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Any immunoassay may be subject to exogenous or endogenous interference, resulting in false positive or false negative results. Endogenous interference is usually caused by the reaction between the antibody used in the reagent and the endogenous substance in the sample, so eliminating interference is an important task in the development of immunoassay products.


The simplest and most effective way to solve endogenous interference is to add an immune blocker to the assay system to block the binding of the interfering substance to the antibody or antigen in the assay system.


AIVD has developed a universal, highly efficient, specific and stable blocking agent that takes into account the effects of multiple factors such as RF and HA at the early stage of design, and has better performance compared to other listed companies.

1. Product information

Product Name

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The blocking effect of the same interference sample:

1. Rheumatoid factor blocking effect

2. HA blocking effect

3. HAMA blocking effect

4. Staphylococcus aureus blocking effect 

2. Product advantages

√ Highly versatile: suitable for immunochromatography, turbidimetry,

chemiluminescent enzyme assays and multiple testing platforms

√ High efficiency and price: low dosage and high blocking ability, cost saving

√ High specificity: does not affect the specificity of the detection signal

√ Stable quality: high within-batch precision

   HAMA blocking

HAMA blocker  

3. Application platforms and methods

√ Colloidal gold lateral flow: applicable for sample pad pretreatment

√ Immunofluorescence: applicable for sample pad pretreatment

√ Immunoturbidimetry: applicable for R1 reagents

√ Chemiluminescence: applicable for sample dilution buffers or magnetic bead buffers

√ Enzyme-linked immunoassay: preferentially applied to sample dilutions or enzyme dilutions

4. Comparison of blocking effects with interference samples:

Detection of rheumatoid factor blocking effectHA blocking effect detection

Detection of HAMA blocking effectDetection of Staphylococcus aureus blocking effect

Summary: AIVD's blocker can effectively eliminate the effects of heterophilic antibodies, rheumatoid factor, Staphylococcus aureus and other interfering substances in the samples, especially for Staphylococcus aureus, the blocking effect is significantly better than other listed companies.

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