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Point-of-care testing (POCT) allows physicians to detect and diagnose diseases at or near the patient site, faster than conventional lab-based testing. Over the last decade, POCT has been widely accepted as a rapid and an economical form of diagnostic tool as compared to traditional laboratory-based testing especially in low resource settings. The importance of POCT is considerably amplified in the trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Other advantages of POCT include - (a.) Simple to operate; (b.) No need for trained professionals; (c.) Cost-effective; (d.) Easy to fabricate in bulk; (e.) Rapid turn-around-time. POCT is shown to be of utmost importance in situations where rapid medical decisions need to be taken for example in emergency departments. Several studies have shown that use of POCT diagnostics reduce overall per patient cost, length of stay in hospitals and provide faster results as compared to a traditional laboratory testing. Quality assessment and satisfaction surveys conducted on medical staff and physicians have also shown positive affirmations toward the use of POCT. Therefore, POCT is an important tool, which can reduce mortality, morbidity and improve the quality of life.


 LFA Strip components  

LFA Strip Components


A simple LFA test strip consists of a sample pad, a conjugate pad, test line, control line, and an absorption pad.





As a complete solutions manufacturer for IVD industry,AIVD Biotech has successfully developed numerous point-of-care test products and 38 CE-marked items are available in the market including, but not limited to, cardiac markers, inflammation markers, hormone markers, infectious disease testing and FIA analyzer for FIA, GICA and other platforms.


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