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About AIVD 

Established in 2014, AIVD Biotech Inc. is a dynamic and fast-growing biotech company, located in Shenzhen, China, a ISO 9001 certificated enterprise.

AIVD provides complete IVD service solutions and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a board range of highest quality OEM raw materials, antibodies, antigens, enzymes, reagents, kits, uncut sheets and services for the academic, biopharma, and diagnostic industries.

AIVD has developed its own processing techniques to satisfy the raw material requirements of the IVD industry. Since the company establishment, AIVD has successfully pioneered and developed several proprietary diagnostic products. 

Relying on our experience and extensive knowledge of alpaca’s recombinant single-domain antibody development, AIVD has set up a unique screening program for generating truly specific, single chain monoclonal antibody fragments (also known as Nanobodies) that can be used in immunodiagnostic assay development. Currently, we successfully developed innovative CRP nanobody pair, anti-mouse IgG and anti-rabbit IgG Nanobodies, and have more than 20 projects under development.

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