Christmas and New 2020 Year Sale!
2019-12-15 16:08:56

Christmas and New 2020 Year Sale! 

Up to 70 % off!

Start the 2020 New Year with quality products from AIVD Biotech!

This year we are happy to offer our new and old customers up to 70 % off on our selected products, all manufactured and validated by in-house scientists.

Place an order until 27 January 2020, make a full payment before 30 March 2020 and Enjoy New Year $20.20 holiday price!

Selected products include antibodies and antigens products for colloidal gold and fluorescence-based lateral flow immunoassays.

✔ Unlimited Quantity

✔ Free Samples

Selected products include:

• HBsAg Ab $7/mg $2.020/mg

Featured products just for $20.20/mg

1.  HIV Ag $40/mg   $20.20/mg

2.  HCV Ag $40/mg  $20.20/mg

3. Syphilis Ag $30/mg  $20.20/mg

4. Malaria PF HRPII mAb $35/mg  $20.20/mg
5. Malaria PV pLDH mAb $35/mg  $20.20/mg
6. Dengue Ag $60/mg  $20.20/mg
7. anti-human IgG mAb $45/mg  $20.20/mg
8. anti-human IgM mAb $45/mg  $20.20/mg
9. CRP sdAb $70/mg  $20.20/mg
10. SAA mAb $70/mg  $20.20/mg

This promotion allows the customer to choose and purchase any quantity of specified antibodies / antigens.

Terms and conditions:                                                                                                                                               

1. This promotion is valid for all kind of customers.

2. Other antibodies / antigens or custom produced products are not included.

3. All indicated prices are in US Dollars.  

4. This promotion allows the customer to choose and purchase any quantity of specified antibodies / antigens.

5. This promotion is only valid from 18-12-2019 to 27-01-2020. Order for promotion products should be placed before 27-01-2020, total amount payment should be done before 30-03-2020.

6. Free samples of specified products are available.

7. AIVD reserves the right to cancel or refuse this promotion at any time.

8. Usual shipping costs will still apply.

9. After 30-03-2020 promotion price for specified products will apply to orders with quantity of 500 mg and above.

10. This promotion is valid on selected antibodies & antigens currently available in the AIVD biotech catalog:


• Hepatitis B surface antibody, HBsAg mAb:

     Catalog # ABHBS701, Capture

      Catalog # ABHBS702, Detection


  Human immunodeficiency virus antigens, HIV Ag:

     Catalog # AGHIV102, Capture

     Catalog # AGHIV002, Capture

     Catalog # AGHIV105, Detection

 • Hepatitis C virus antigens, HCV Ag:

   Catalog # AGHCVR01, Capture

    Catalog # AGHCVR02, Detection

    Catalog # ABACVR12, Coupling Ab

•  Syphilis Antigens:

    Catalog # AGTP003, Capture

    Catalog # AGTP002, Detection

    Catalog # AGTP001, Capture

•  Malaria PF HRPII mAb

   Catalog # ABHRP102, Detection

   Catalog # ABHRP102, Capture

•  Malaria PV pLDH mAb

   Catalog # ABPV102, Detection

   Catalog # ABPV102,  Capture

•  Dengue Antigen

   Catalog # AGDN001, Detection

   Catalog # AGDN021, Detection

•  Anti-human IgG Secondary antibody

   Catalog # ABMAHBG1, Capture

•  Anti-human IgM Secondary antibody

    Catalog # ABMAH701, Capture

•  C-Reactive Protein single-domain antibody (nanobody), CRP sdAb

   Catalog # ABCRP001, Capture

    Catalog # ABCRP002, Detection

    Catalog # ABCRP003, Detection

•  Serum Amyloid A antibody, SAA mAb

   Catalog # ABSAA001, Capture

   Catalog # ABSAA002, Detection

$ 20.20 New Year Promotion!
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