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Shenzhen AIVD Biotech Inc.

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About AIVD Biotech

AIVD is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a board range OEM raw materials, such as conventional antibodies and Nanobodies, antigens, enzymes, kits, uncut sheets and services for the IVD, biopharma, and academic industries.

AIVD Today:

ISO 90001

ISO Certified

3500 m lab space

3500 m2 Lab Space

60 team members

Professional Team 

Featured Products

COVID-19 Antibody

COVID-19 Antibodies

NP Antibody Pair
RBD  Antibody Pair
Positive Controls

COVID-19 Protein

COVID-19 Proteins 

Spike RBD protein

Spike S1 Protein
Nucleocapsid (NP) 

Infectious Diseases Markers

Infectious Diseases 

HBsAg mAb

 HCV Markers
HIV Markers

Alpaca VHH Nanobody

Alpaca Nanobodies

Anti-Human IgM

CRP mAb 
Custom Production

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Antigens & Antibodies 

AIVD provides expansive range of monoclonal antibodies and purified antigens for immunoassay development. All reagents have been validated for colloidal gold lateral flow, ELISA,  FIA, CLIA platforms.

High specificity - Bulk Stock - Best Prices 

Uncut sheets & Semi-Finished Solutions

Uncut sheets are assembled panels with all the critical components of a rapid test, which have not been cut into individual strips. AIVD offers a broad range of cost-effective rapid diagnostic test uncut sheet, strips and semi-finished solutions.

AIVD 2020
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