AIVD Whole Blood Resistant Hot Start Polymerase
2022-05-07 17:14:40

Whole Blood Resistant Hot Start Polymerase

Whole blood resistant hot start polymerase is a direct amplification antibody-modified DNA polymerase that has undergone directed evolutionary modification. It has a Hot Start function, in which the enzyme is inactive before high temperature heating, thereby inhibiting non-specific amplification caused by low temperature conditions.


After the targeted optimization of the product for the substances contained in whole blood samples, the whole blood resistant hot start polymerase overcomes the influence of inhibitory factors of DNA polymerase such as heme, humic acid and dyes, and improves the amplification efficiency of PCR, eliminating the tedious operation of DNA extraction, and can be directly used for PCR amplification of whole blood samples, greatly reducing contamination.


AIVD whole blood resistant hot-start polymerase has excellent and stable performance, and has considerable promise for clinical, forensic and environmental applications.


Product Name

Whole Blood Resistant Hot Start Polymerase (5U/ul)


Catalog No.



Product Features

1. No DNA purification required, suitable for diagnostic PCR

2. Excellent amplification efficiency and PCR inhibitor tolerance

3. Suitable for blood samples, compatible with conventional anticoagulants

4. Tolerates 20% whole blood template at 25ul system

5. Good stability at 37°for 14 days

Product Performance

1. Whole blood resistance

Summary: AIVD Hot Start Polymerase (EN021) is significantly better than the comparison reagent in 1% (3CT), 10% (4CT) and 20% (7CT) whole blood samples.

2. Enzyme thermal stability

Figure 2.1 EN021 Thermal stability amplification curve

Summary: Accelerated at 37° for 14 days, the amplification curve is comparable to that of the comparison reagent, with good stability

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Whole Blood Resistant Hot Star
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